We think that everything can be looked at from a different perspective. That is why we chose the verb “Som” for our trade name, which means “we are” in Catalan. A word which refers to the origins, to the beginnings. This is the philosophy which imbues all our activities in the industry of tourism and services.

We believe in VALUES

Transparency, honesty, equality and respect are much more than words for us. It is a daily mantra we apply to our day-to-day activities. These values and ethic allow for a responsible activity towards our collaborators, clients and society. All these values are part of a strong policy of Corporporative Social Responsibility which aims at returning part of the profits of our activity to the society.

We believe in DIALOGUE

Dialogue with our clients, dialogue with our collaborators, with our workers and suppliers. We are in a constant learning process and all of them help us anticipate to the tendencies and identify the needs that keep our services alive. All our collaborators help us grow and we need their knowledge to become the great business we have in our imagination.

We believe in INNOVATION

Our new products and services are born from research to experience. This is how we meet all our clients' expectations. Improving inwards and outwards is essential for our company. When our workers grow and improve, our clients and collaborators grow with them. We have to move forward and anticipate to the needs of our future.

We believe in continued TRAINING

Our professional staff will ensure that our clients' needs are satisfied. We have internal plans to detect the services we have to improve and we organise meetings and courses for our staff to be committed to the founding principles. And we have staff specialised in identifying possible conflicts. This is how we offer the best service.


The richness of cultural exchange tourism entails must have a direct influence on entrepreneurs, workers and on the destination itself.

We collaborate with the owners of our hotels to carry out a real task of integration. We want to identify the best local suppliers, know the idiosyncrasies of the locals and look for the preferred places by natives in the surroundings of our hotels. We think globally, we act locally.

All buildings have their foundations, and SOM is based in his founder Joan Enric Capellà that has a long and accredited experience in the tourism sector and has decided to use all his experience in creating a new and unique model of global management. This capacity and the results are reflected in the project we are working in.